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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Please note: Not all classes run every session — please check classes/schedule for the complete class schedule.

Baby & Me: For Moms, Dads and infant caretakers. This class will allow you to explore the benefits of yoga and pilates while connecting with your body, gaining core strength and flexibility and increasing your overall sense of well-being in a fun and active way with your baby. Babies must be at least 8 weeks-old but not crawling.

Beginner’s Yoga: This 5 to 6-week introductory class will introduce students to the history of yoga, give them a basic foundation of asana (posture) practice, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. This class is aimed toward the individual not sure if they want to commit to an entire session of yoga. Students from this class can move right into the Level 1 class.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga: This class focuses on gentle warm ups, stretches & Restorative poses while utilizing mantra, mudra and pranayama to help quiet the mind. This class is ideal for individuals with range of motion or mobility limitations or for those looking for a slower pace to their yoga practice. This class is also suitable for the student looking for greater relaxation and stress reduction.

Gentle Stretch Yoga: A gentle introduction to Hatha yoga. This class will focus on proper body alignment and breathing techniques. Participants will gain greater body awareness, reduce stress and tension, and find an enhanced sense of well-being. Suitable for those wanting a slower and more gentle Level 1 class.

Kids Yoga (3–5, 5–8): This 45-minute class, tailored to the 3-5 and 5-8 year old will introduce children to the life changing practice of yoga. Children will perform a variety of yoga postures to help with strength, balance, focus and developing both sides of their brain. Children will also benefit from the relaxation period at the end of each class, learning how to calm and relax themselves.

Level 1 Yoga: This class is ideal for those newer to Yoga. Focus will be on proper body alignment within poses and learning to develop deeper breathing techniques. Participants will learn greater body awareness, reduce stress and tension, and find an enhanced sense of well-being. Specific instruction of the basic yoga poses will be provided and students will be taught ways to modify and vary poses to best suit their needs.

Level 1 – 2 Yoga: A moderately paced class, suitable for the advanced beginner. The emphasis is on flowing sequences, and using the breath to increase the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Instruction, adjustments, and refinements are woven through each class to increase understanding of the asanas (postures).

Level 2 Yoga: This class is for those wishing to broaden their yoga practice with a more in depth look at the classic hatha yoga repertoire. Students will be taught more advanced postures, additional pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation concepts. While accessibility for various abilities continues to be emphasized, participants should have a solid understanding of basic yoga postures.

Mommy & Me (2-5): This 45-minute class, tailored to the 2-5 year old will introduce children to the life changing practice of yoga. Mom and Child will perform a variety of yoga postures to help with strength, balance, focus and developing both sides of their brain. The partners will work together on postures and breath techniques introducing children to the life changing practice of yoga.

Pilates/Yoga Fusion: By integrating the precise alignment and the core strengthening moves from Pilates with increased flexibility and the mind/body engagement from yoga, you get a unique practice that fuses two of the most popular choices in health today. The result is a longer, leaner, stronger body. Participants will gain greater body awareness, strength, and increased range of motion.

Postpartum Yoga: Take time for you to regain strength, breathe more deeply, and build stamina. Core strengthening will be a part of each class. Suitable after 6 weeks Postpartum or with a doctors referral.

Prenatal Yoga: A practice to embrace this wonderful time in a woman’s life. Yoga postures and breathing exercises will be practiced to enhance a woman’s comfort during pregnancy and birth.

Tween Yoga: This class is designed for children ages 9-12. Through posture, breath-work, meditation and games, students will learn to incorporate the principles of yoga, (balance, focus, flexibility and strength), into their school and home life. Specific attention is given to learning body awareness and working through muscle tightness.

Yoga Flow: This energetic class focuses on leading students through flowing movements that aim to build heat, strengthen muscles and limber the body. The coordination of breath and movement is emphasized so that students can mindfully flow from pose to pose. This class is suitable for students seeking a moderately paced class.

Yoga on the Ball: Combine the discipline of Hatha yoga with Resist-A-Ball training. Yoga and the ball share an emphasis on stability training, core strength and all-over body conditioning. The focus will be on using the ball as a prop to deepen your yoga practice, with the added benefit of supported spinal traction and balance challenges. Hatha Yoga with the Resist-A-Ball can teach the body how to be stable in extreme ranges of motion. This class will help you reach and roll into new and appropriate positions for YOUR level.

YogArt: This 45 minute class will introduce children to basic yoga postures which will be related to a theme. The focus of the class will be to have fun building strength, balance, and focus. Each child will make a weekly craft project related to the class theme. Material fee included.

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